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Evaluační teorie a praxe
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Methodological Peculiarities of Needs Assessment.


Jiří Remr, Univerzita Karlova, Filozofická fakulta

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This article focuses attention on the importance of needs that are understood as a criterium for the evaluation of usefulness. The text proposes a usable conceptual framing of what evidence might be collected. Moreover, it identifies the role of needs within the theory of change that is presented by the generalized logic model and finally it points out the key situation when usefulness can successfully supplement other evaluative criteria like relevance or effectiveness. Discrimination of needs from similar constructs like wants, preferences and demand is analyzed and documented with vivid examples from a study that focused on the needs of informal caregivers providing care to the dependent seniors within their homes. Moreover, the key methodological peculiarities of the systematic process of the identification, analysis and evaluation of needs are brought to attention.


Jiří Remr, Univerzita Karlova, Filozofická fakulta


5. 4. 2016
Evaltep a ERIH Plus
3. 3. 2016
Speciální anglické vydání
18. 12. 2015
Podzimní číslo roku 2015



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